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Table of content

1. Why Do People Look for the Best Essay Writing Service?

2. What is the Best Essay Writing Service?

3. Are All Essay Writing Services Legit?

4. Is Buying Essays Online Safe?

5. How to Find the Best Essay Writing Service 2021 Online?

6. How to Find Genuine Essay Writing Service Reviews

7. How We Make Essay Writing Service Reviews

Why Do People Look for the Best Essay Writing Service?

The best essay writing service can save students from a lot of trouble. Can you imagine a situation when you have to deliver an important paper, but you have no idea how to complete it? Of course you can! We’ve all been in that place.

Some students skip on the assignment, so they have to make peace with a low or even a failing grade. Others spend sleepless nights trying to write the paper, but don’t achieve the quality they desire. They also neglect other responsibilities along the way. Some students found a solution: they use the best writing services.

This brings us to a question: how do you find the best essay writing services?

Reviews are the answer.

The best essay writing service reviews will tell you everything you need to know about different companies. By comparing their services, prices and guarantees, you’ll make the right choice.

What is the Best Essay Writing Service?


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You don’t want to hear this answer, but it’s the only one we can give: it depends.

Your needs will determine the best essay writing service 2021 for you. One particular service may be very cheap and appropriate for high-school papers. Another one is great for delivering high-quality content under short deadlines. Some essay writing reviews will recommend a service for offering great value for the money. Other paper writing services reviews will label a website as a great choice for PhD students.

The best essay writing services are versatile. They are great for students in high school, college, and university. However, each agency has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we recommend you to check out our unbiased evaluations. After testing the best paper writing services, we inform you about the types of orders that different websites are good at.

  • What is the best college paper writing service?

College papers are more complex than the essays you write for high school. You’ll be writing research papers, book reports, case studies, programming assignments, and all kinds of coursework. If you’ve been using a random writing agency before, you’ll have to search for the best essay writing services from this point on.

Remember: your needs determine the choice of a best paper writing service. At this point, you have to work with professional writers. Freelancers won’t do the trick.

What’s the difference? A freelancer will paraphrase content. They aren’t specialized in the topic’s area of study. A company will accept your order for an essay on a psychology topic. If they assign it to someone without a degree in psychology, the writer will have to learn about it. They will read random online resources. They might get a few ideas, but they will mostly rely on those sources to write your paper. They won’t reference them. That’s the problem: an attentive professor will easily recognize the paraphrasing. You can’t get a good grade on such content.

  • What is the best paper writing service?

The best essay writing service reviews will recommend,,,, and a few other services as the best choices in the industry. These are reputable companies that have been available for years. Students have grown to trust them, and they always receive high-quality work when ordering papers there.

The best essay writing service reviews will help you make a choice. We’ll lead you to services that offer all the guarantees you need. They assign expert writers to the projects. They never miss deadlines. As a customer, you’re their boss. The writer will consider your instructions, so you’ll get custom-crafted work that shows your voice.

  • What is the best essay writing service in USA?

If you’re looking for the best essay writing service in USA, you should follow one main criterion: you need a native U.S. writer. Someone from Australia may write a brilliant essay for you. However, that content won’t be appropriate for your needs. It will be written by standards that differ from the ones your university implies. The style will be different. In addition, an Australian writer cannot be completely aware of the circumstances in your country. Their knowledge may not be relevant.

Currently, College-Paper holds the status as the best essay writing service 2021. There are many other great options to consider. At our website, you’ll find essay writing service reviews that you can compare. We specifically identify the ones focus on students from the USA.

Are All Essay Writing Services Legit? 

If you had the luck to find the best essay writing service from the first attempt without reading reviews, you’ll get the impression that everything is perfect in this industry. It’s not. There are scamming services, and you should be aware of them.

First, let’s get something out of the way: you have every right to order papers online. There’s nothing wrong in using the best essay writing service in USA. What these writers do is legit work. They pay their taxes, and the services are registered under the regulations that all other businesses follow.

That being said, the online world is known for having its fair share of scams. Not all services are legit. Some deliver plagiarized work, so they violate copyright. The best paper writing service will only deliver 100% unique content that’s custom-tailored to your instructions. No plagiarism. No paraphrasing. No rewriting.

Throughout our best essay writing service reviews, you’ll notice that we like hating on agencies that include paraphrasing/rewriting in their offer. That kind of service is not legit. You cannot copy someone else’s work and present it as your own. It’s a different thing from hiring a ghostwriter. When you hire a professional writer to complete content for you, it will be based on your own ideas. It won’t break the laws.

That’s why we stress out the importance of reading essay writing service reviews before using a writing agency.

Is Buying Essays Online Safe?

It’s safe; as long as you hire the best essay writing service.

In our college paper writing service reviews, you’ll notice that we often mention the privacy policy of the company we evaluate. This is an essential factor for your security. When you buy content online, you don’t want your professors to know about it. You’re not doing anything illegal. However, you’re the one responsible for your assignments, so you don’t want anyone to know that someone else completed them for you.

Also, the payment process should be secure. We recommend you to put your trust into websites that accept common payment methods, such as Visa and MasterCard. When you use these cards, your bank puts an additional layer of protection. If anything goes wrong and the service won’t give your money back, you can contact your bank to demand a refund.

How to Find the Best Essay Writing Service 2021 Online?

If you’re about to order papers online for the first time, how do you know what the best essay writing service is? We’ll give you a few tips that work.

  1. Set Your Goals

What do you want to get from a top essay writing service? Take a piece of paper and answer these questions:

  • Is this paper for high school, college, or university?
  • What kind of content do you need?
  • How much are you willing to pay for it?
  • What’s your deadline?

The answers to these questions will take you to the best writing services suited to your needs. When you’re comparing different agencies, you’ll use your own criteria to decide what works for you.

  1. Start an Online Research

In order to find the best essay writing service, you should know how things work.

  • A traditional writing service will choose the writer for you. All you do is place an order with all the details about your project. When you choose a top essay writing service, you’ll work with an expert in the relevant field.
  • There are bidding services, too. Once you place the order, you’ll wait for the writers to bid on it. You’ll interview a few of the bidders, so you’ll choose the one who will cover your project. This is not necessarily an expert on the matter.
  1. Know Your Rights

The best writing services should offer a high level of protection.

When you’re looking through websites or reading essay writing service reviews, pay attention to these guarantees:

  • Money Back guarantee
  • Revisions guarantee
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free content guarantee
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Timely delivery
  • Guaranteed customer support
  • Privacy protection

If the terms and conditions lack any of these guarantees, you should focus on searching elsewhere.

  1. Read writing services reviews

When you look at different websites, you’ll get the impression that every service is the best one. They have to claim that for marketing purposes. To find out the true face behind all that glitter, you’ll need to rely on essay writing service reviews.

The best essay writing service reviews will give you information about the guarantees, user-friendliness, support, and everything else you should know about a website before using it.

A completely committed and unbiased essay review service will order papers from the writing agencies, so it will share detailed evaluations of quality. That’s what you get from the college paper writing service reviews at our website.

How to Find Genuine Essay Writing Service Reviews

Not all paper writing service reviews are made equal. Genuine reviews have these important characteristics:

  • They aren’t 100% positive or negative. There’s no bragging, even when the reviewers are talking about the best paper writing service. The review will be balanced, mentioning both the positive and negative things about the agency.
  • Good reviews will share details from direct experience with a writing agency. The team orders content, so they can share genuine paper writing services review based on experience.
  • They are well-structured. The format enables you to compare different companies by the same standards: quality, price, customer support, and usability.

How We Make Essay Writing Service Reviews

We help you find the best essay writing service by offering unbiased reviews. Are you wondering how we create the articles at our website? There’s a detailed process that ensures good results:

  1. We have a list of websites to review. Every agency deserves a spot there. We don’t judge before trying the service. We often accept suggestions from our readers. If you want us to test a particular website, feel free to tell us about it.
  2. We check the website to form an initial impression. We see if it’s informative and user friendly.
  3. We check the list of services, so we can tell you if the site is suitable for your needs.
  4. We discuss the prices and discounts. We’ve been using writing services for a long time, so we know what a reasonable price is.
  5. We discuss the quality. How are we able to do this? We place orders at the sites that we review. Then, we inform you about the quality of the paper and the overall experience.
  6. We tell you if the customer support agents were available and useful throughout the process.
  7. We draw conclusions, which help you decide: is this the right service to hire?

Thanks to our reviews, students can order great papers for the price they are willing to pay.


After performing tests on different services and ordering papers from them, we ranked➥ as the best essay writing service at the moment. It’s cost-effective, since you get great value for the price you pay. All writers hold degrees. The customers get strong guarantees, so they always end up satisfied with the service they get.➥ has the best price-to-quality ratio at the moment. We reviewed dozens of services. We know what students are looking for: great papers for an affordable price. This service hits the balance. For a price starting from $19.99 and discount 20% off “dot20“, you can order any kind of content. The customers get original work every time. Discounts are available!

Reading reviews is the way to go! Each writing service claims to be the best one on the market. We know that’s not true. The only way to know you’re buying a paper at the right website is by reading reviews➥. If they were written by real users who share honest impressions, you’ll choose a safe writing agency.

It would’ve been illegal if there were laws preventing it. But there aren’t any laws against getting academic writing help. It’s just like a tutoring service. You can easily pay someone to write your papers. You’re not breaking the law. You should only be careful not to get caught. Your teachers won’t like the fact that you bought a paper.

It’s safe as long as you choose a reliable essay writing service. Students have to read the terms and conditions, so they know their privacy is protected before they order papers online. Reading reviews about writing services is also important. You’ll find a popular and reliable company that way, so you minimize your chances of being scammed.

In general, writing services are legit. They offer academic writing assistance to students, and that’s not forbidden. However, you should know that there are great writing agencies, but scamming ones as well. To find a legit writing service that gets the work done, we recommend students to conduct an online research and read reviews.