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A new K6 learning platform called Class Ace offers more than a thousand self-paced lessons designed to help children of all learning skills succeed. There are more than just practice questions in Class Ace. It contains all the information youngsters require to fully master essential arithmetic and Language Common Core abilities including multiplication, telling time, using money, grammar, spelling, and more. With Class Ace, students can use any device at home or at school to not only catch up but also advance. A question bank of over 20,000+ smart questions, outstanding instructor review tools, world-class, step-by-step read-along lessons, adaptive practice algorithms created by an ex-Google product manager, and more are all combined in Class Ace to make learning quick and enjoyable.

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• More than 200 excellent read-along lessons for kids. • Hundreds of intelligent, adaptable queries. • Speech to text. To hear a teacher read a sentence aloud, simply tap on it. • Autoplay. Enjoy the entire lesson being read to you as you relax. Even children who have trouble reading aloud can independently pick up complex ideas. • Alternate between distinct profiles for teachers and students. • The Teacher Perspective. Easily hold children responsible for frequent practice. Aim to assist when students are having difficulties. • The use of games. Students are encouraged to produce their best work by rewards, progress markers, and positive user interfaces.

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What is Class Ace? Teachers, developers, and product managers spent years creating Class Ace. It is a set of courses and resources that enables kids from diverse educational backgrounds and learning styles to reach their full potential. Will my credit card be charged? Only once your free trial has expired will your card be charged. If you unintentionally get charged, we also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Is it easy to use? An ex-Google product manager created Class Ace initially for two brothers aged 8 and 9 who were struggling academically. Following several years of platform development, testing, and iteration, Class Ace started implementing pilot programs in elementary schools. It is currently being utilized successfully at home and in classrooms. Without assistance from parents or teachers, students ought to be able to use Class Ace alone. What if I don’t want to use it anymore after I sign up? On the Settings page's bottom, you can discontinue your membership whenever you choose. What does the teacher reporting look like? You can see the status of each student's progress on any lesson after logging into a teacher profile.

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mail,, 3411 Stone Ivory Ct, Spring TX, 77388, +1 415 691 5540

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